Payroll Servicing

We have been a payroll service bureau since 2008, with over 20 years of industry experience. We provide services for a multitude of industries of any size.  Whether you have five employees or 100, we can help make payroll services easier than ever before. We know how busy you can be, so we take the stress off your shoulders by satisfying your needs in whatever way works best for you. We take pride in being 50%-60% lower than most national payroll providers. If you have any questions please use the contact form tab above. Time to join the Absolute Wages family! Learn More

Human Resources

Don’t have an HR expert on hand? Use The HR Support Center for anytime access to online HR Tools and documents. Need One-on-one live support? Use our live HR Advice team that has certified HR advisors.

Electronic Timekeeping

We provide a stellar timekeeping service that not only helps you, but your employees as well. You can use our timekeeping system on not only a traditional time clock, but anywhere that has internet access! We even offer a mobile app solution for timekeeping which lets you set the boundaries that your employees can clock in using their own mobile device. Our timekeeping options gives you all the bells and whistles you need such as stopping unplanned overtime, managing break, enforcing schedules, job costing and assisting in following governing rules. Learn More

Applicant Stack

Absolute Wages offers an easier, eco-friendly option to the table when it comes to bringing new employees aboard your company. When your employee signs into their online portal, they can find their state and federal tax forms, payroll setup, employee handbook, background check, and much more. In this portal they can also e-sign all documents that you need them to sign. Paperless onboarding is great opportunity for you to put that new employee’s mind at ease by interacting with them through their online portal. If you want a paperless, stress free onboarding experience this is the way to go! Learn More

E-COMP Pay-As-You-Go

We now offer a workers compensation solution that can help you and your business! Most businesses are tired of estimating their premium for workers compensation. Plus, you have a huge deposit you make each year on what your Workers Comp policy cost MIGHT be. At the end of the year, you might get some money back or you might be paying more than expected. Absolute Wages has partnered with E-COMP for a pay as you go solution so you no longer have to deal with the troubles of under and over payment. We give you the opportunity to pay your insurance premium weekly with you payroll processing. We simply complete your payroll as usual, and E-Comp receives a copy of your labor costs, and your bill is calculated….it’s that easy! If this is a solution you want in your workplace, call Absolute Wages today!

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